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Death Womb, Prophets Of Doom - Split (7")

Macabre and infernal split between these two Spanish black death, war metal obscenities. 14 noxious minutes with people from Sacrificio, Proclamation, or Supremative. Fuck off and die.

Limited to 200 copies.

Price €8.50

Banished From Inferno - Minotaur (LP)

First and so far only album by this congregation of beasts of the Spanish extreme metal underground. Musicians from Wormed, Machetazo, Graveyard, Balmog, and many other great bands playing old school death metal. An indispensable album, and very hard to find.

Price €12.50

Balmog - Vacvvm (LP)

The Galician demon never stops mutating, and here their black metal with death takes one of its most definitive steps. Third album by this indispensable band, which always offers new ways of expression without straying from the path of the occult.

Black vinyl. Includes psalms script + A2 size poster.

Price €17.50

Qayin Regis - Doctrine (LP)

Tribute to death, occultism, and syncretism, in a truly shocking opus. Like making an offering to something very sinister and primordial. Qayin Regis knows perfectly well the secret ways to reach into forbidden powers. Fantastic album.

Price €17.50

Oniricous - La Maldición (LP)

Acclaimed EP after two equally celebrated albums. Oniricous is death metal to the core, no bullshit or pompous stupidities. Leather, beer, horror, and ugly people. Fuck everything else.

12" red vinyl.

Price €14.50

Maniac - Vermin Hell (LP)

First album of this blackened speed/thrash metal band that quickly got the approval of every sick person. With members like Iñaki (Looking For An Answer, Moho, Dishammer...), “Vermin Hell” bites where it hurts the most at all times. Brawling and smelly!

Price €10.50

ReDimoni - On the Brink of Existence (LP)

The historic Catalan thrashers ReDimoni are back nine years after their last album and seven years after their split with Graveyard. What are we going to find in this EP? The same as always! Speed, stabs in the back, beer, shrapnel, savagery. This five-song EP will give you a good kick in the ass. That's what you need, isn't it? Desperta ferro!!! Old school as fuck!!

12" LP, green vinyl + insert.

Price €16.00

Terdor - De Goddeloze Tolgaarder (LP)

Fourth album with only two long and intricate songs. With “De Goddeloze Tolgaarder” Terdor culminate their transformation into an avant-garde and progressive black metal band, although their sound and spirit is still totally linked to raw black. A dark, heartbreaking, and treacherous opus, just like their cover.

Limited to 200 copies. 175gr 12” vinyl + insert.

Price €15.00

Empty - A Source of Hollow Essence (2LP)

Empty’s first album, released two decades ago, for the first time on vinyl. Limited to 280 gatefold copies on 140gr black double LP, “A Source of Hollow Essence” has been remastered at Moontower Studios and features a new layout with previously unreleased pics at the Monasterio de Piedra. A magnificent work full of mournful melodies, framed in the unholy black metal from the days of the early Emperor, Enslaved, or Gorgoroth as main standard bearers.

Price €18.00

Pánico Al Miedo - Formador (2LP)

“Formador” was released in 2018, but it has only now been released in 2LP black vinyl gatefold, in a spectacular limited edition to 250 hand-numbered copies.

This album brought together for the first time in the same album two legendary Death guitarists like James Murphy and Bobby Koelble, amongst other stellar guests. It was produced and mixed by Juan Urteaga at Trident Studio, mastered by Jens Bogren at Fascination Street Studios, and featured a cover and artwork by the legendary Ed Repka. Wow!

High level death thrash, folks, and a CD of their first demo free with every 2LP.

Price €20.00

Hexorcist - Evil Reaping Death (LP)

If you were told that Scott Burns and Mike Fuller have produced Hexorcist’s debut, you would believe it. This Florida new band plays a death metal totally indebted to the old glory of the 80’s, first 90’s, that can easily remind you of the early Slayer, Necrovore, Possessed, Morbid Angel, Sadistic Intent... A must-have album for the old school legions, with all those clichés we love so much. And what a cover!!

Price €17.00

Nakkiga - Agurraren Harkaitza (LP)

The spirit of the Basque forests resides in Nakkiga. Fourth album by this veteran band with all their pagan fury and melodic melancholy. A special band, with pure and true feelings. See for yourself how lethal can nature be.

12” black vinyl 180gr with 4-page booklet.

Price €16.50

Morbid Flesh - Rites Of The Mangled (LP)

Second album by this menacing death metal, death doom band from Catalonia. With members of Graveyard, Ósserp, Insulters, Proscrito or Tort, “Rites Of The Mangled” assures tons of headbanging and decrepitude. A dense and excellent opus from all points of view.

12” LP + DIN A3 poster.

Price €12.50

Abjvration - The Unquenchable Pyre (LP)

Only work to date by Abjvration, the dark and enigmatic French death doom trio. This work sounds really old, and comparisons to early Bolt Thrower make perfect sense. Material for devotees of the style!! Disappointment is totally out of question.

Price €10.50

Horripilant - Embrace the Obsession (LP)

Evil death metal absolutely inspired by the earliest instances of the style. Horripilant’s first EP really reminds of Possessed, Sadistic Intent, first Sepultura and Morbid Angel... These Valencians know very well what they are doing, moving between the 80s and early 90s, but not beyond. Good choice, dudes!!

Price €14.50

Tort - Void Addiction (LP)

Barcelona’s doom sludge has its masters: Tort. On their third album they continue the lysergic slowness, with the long songs that seem like psychopharmaceuticals. Freaks of all things unconventional, their command of the style is undeniable. And if they leave you hanging on some tracks, who cares: that’s savoir-faire, folks.

LP + download card.

Price €12.50