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Necrot - Lifeless Birth (LP)

Triumphant third album by the Americans. Media and audience surrendered to a band called to be great in underground death metal.

Gatefold neon violet LP, download card included.

Price €23.50

Necrot - The Labyrinth (LP)

The first three Necrot demos altogether LP. The missing piece in the collection of any real fan of the Oakland band.

Limited color vinyl, download card included.

Price €20.50

Barbarian Swords - Fetid (LP)

Fifth album by the Catalan entity. A dismal and atmospheric monolith of incalculable darkness and negativity. A return to their initial black doom to deliver what for many is already their best work.

Black vinyl + insert.

Price €15.00

Celtic Frost - Procreation of the Wicked...

The title of this LP couldn’t be clearer and more forceful. The pioneers of extreme metal in their rehearsal room, in the distant year 84, playing anthems like ‘Morbid Tales’ or ‘Dethroned Emperor’... Can anyone really resist this?

Price €20.50

Possessed - Rare Demos 1984-1992 (LP)

There is always a lot of talk about Death, and very little about Possessed... Who the fuck released the demo “Death Metal” in 1984!? Compilation of demos, precisely from ‘84 to 1992. Aaaarghhh!! Foundational noise.

Price €18.50

Bolt Thrower - The Peel Sessions 1988-90 (LP)

Another LP title that leaves little to the imagination. What for many is the best death metal band ever to have existed in Europe visiting John Peel on the BBC. A document for posterity with a long list of immortal songs.

Price €18.50

Råtten - La Longue Marche (LP)

The masked Frenchmen are back with their second album, full of black metal of dire intentions that doesn’t shy away from other influences such as crust, doom, or sludge. Much more suicidal, inspired, desperate, and irate than their debut. Bravo for them!

Price €18.00

Decapitated Christ - Glorious Tyrannizing of...

The headless Nazarene returns nine years later, and with what an album! Crunchy and destructive, blasphemous death metal only for authentic gladiators of the most hermetic old school. One of the great moments of 2023! For fans of Deicide, Aeon, or Vital Remains.

Red vinyl + insert + sticker + download code.

Price €20.50

Balmog - Covenants of Salt (LP)

Spiritual sequel of the EP “Pillars of Salt”. Here Balmog continue to spice up their melancholy and fury in a coherent and transcendental way. After the album “Eve”, the Galicians continue to grow, expanding their necromantic and philosophical knowledge. How dark the light can become...

Price €16.50

Balmog - Pillars of Salt (LP)

With this EP, the mighty Balmog started a new path of growth, wisdom, and transformation. Much more than a regular black metal band, capable of reinventing themselves and finding inspiration in the darkest realms. More than commendable!

Price €14.00

Lóstregos - Alzamento no Norte (LP)

LP reissue of Lóstregos’ first release in full detail. Inspired and inspiring, fast and atmospheric. Folk, with also death in its pagan black metal. Not to be missed in your collection. Feel the arcane power of Galiza!

140gr black vinyl + full colour insert.

Price €16.00

Grievance - Em Lucefécit (LP)

Third album by the Portuguese, where they transcend the Nordic tradition of Darkthrone or Burzum to reach a revealing and liberating state of mind. Much more than reiteration and devotion to the Ancient Gods!!

Includes A4 offset size with lyrics + A3 poster.

Price €15.00