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Concrete Winds - Nerve Butcherer (LP)

A solid death metal foundation, but with a furious and defiant black attack. Corrosive and volatile like a napalm shower. Crazy instrumentals, even worse when it comes to solos. One of the best albums of 2021, and you know it.

Price €19.50

Concrete Winds - Primitive Force (LP)

Vorum ended in 2018 and a year later Concrete Winds arrived... Fuckin’ hell on earth! First album with a title that says it all: “Primitive Force”. Death, black, chaos, aggression without limits. This will eat your intestines.

Black cover!

Price €16.50

Sijjin - Sumerian Promises (LP)

Malte Gericke and Iván Hernández from Necros Christos, together with Ekaitz Garmendia on guitar, bombard us with their most dangerous arsenal of songs and invocations in a first and excellent album. Death metal with a clear thrash scent and an interesting arcane and occult inspiration. Riffs, riffs, and more riffs!!

Price €19.50

Grave Miasma - Abyss of Wrathful Deities (2LP)

Superb second album from the London band. This album smells of mould and putrefaction, and on it you’ll only find visions of maggots wallowing in dead flesh. Funereal, untamed, and with a little more black metal. They are infallible.

Gatefold 2LP + insert.

Price €21.50

Grave Miasma - Odori Sepulcrorum (2LP)

Unbelievable first album by Grave Miasma. Impossible to imagine a death metal record collection missing this opus on the shelf. Like opening a centenary tomb and sniffing everything that emanates from it. Basic to understand the death of this century.

Tri-gatefold cover, 2LP, d-side etching, booklet.

Price €21.50

Grave Miasma - Exalted Emanation (LP)

Grave Miasma’s first work in EP form, albeit of generous length. Also their first punch on the table, of course. A highly praised tribute to all that is corrupt, in a complete state of decomposition.

Price €18.50

Runemagick - Enter the Realm of Death (LP)

A year after “The Supreme Force of Eternity”, another great piece of work. Yes, those are the covers and the shit we like to hear! Runemagick at full power to, effectively, bring you into the realm of death.

Price €16.50

Excoriate - On Pestilent Winds... (LP)

It’s a pity that the putrid Excoriate don’t continue as a band, because “On Pestilent Winds...” is an ultra-recommended album for any maniac of the most poisonous and savage death metal. Released in 2009, its stench continues to provoke retching wherever it goes. This is raw and for old schoolers only.

Price €16.50

Vircolac - Masque (LP)

Twisted death metal with really malicious intent. This has emerged from a dungeon in which too many people have perished. What a first album from the Irish, what a first album... Wicked and coated in a really special production.

Price €17.50

Venenum - Trance of Death (LP)

This first record is from 2017, but Venenum’s “Trance of Death” is still amongst the best death metal albums to come out from Germany in recent years. This is a dark, occultist beast! Truly cursed music.

Gatefold LP.

Price €17.50

Hitten - Triumph & Tragedy (LP)

Impeccable in melody, perfect in execution. A treat for any hard & heavy scholar, the album you wish Scorpions would release. There’s Judas Priest too, and that classic anthems you get drunk on every Friday. A full-fledged back to the 80’s, an irreproachable incunabulum.

Price €18.50

Impaled Nazarene - Ugra-Karma (LP)

If Impaled Nazarene’s first opus didn’t make everyone agree, “Ugra-Karma” was unanimously acclaimed. A beastly, cruel and absolutely destructive second album. Another great classic for the Finns!

Gatefold 180-220 gr LP, black vinyl.

Price €17.50

Eurynomos - From the Valleys of Hades (LP)

The debut of the German band Eurynomos was a real surprise for all black thrash addicts. What a great record, it’s really one of the best that has come out in the style in a long time! With members like Okkulto, formerly of Desaster, this album will tear your skin off. Trust us!!

Gatefold LP, black vinyl.

Price €20.50