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Vampyric Winter - My Last Vampyric Winter Among...

Exciting raw black metal. A fantastic and highly sought after work, that will be sold out very soon. Second album of these tyrants, also enrolled in bands like Amargor, Nocturnal Tyrant, or Arna!

180g black vinyl, limited to 150 copies + CD-R (vinyl-effect) + 400g double side insert + poster.

Price €25.00

Xavarthan / Vampyric Winter (LP)

Split featuring six tracks of woodland black metal, raw, somber, and melodic. Two of the most cutting-edge bands of the style, together in this barbarity of the most remote underground!

12” LP + obi.

Price €25.00

Shining - Shining (2LP)

All the Shining’s elegance and darkness comes back to haunt you on this eponymous album. An excellent opus that could only have been created by Kvarforth and his band.

Gatefold 2LP, red vinyl, and signed photograph by Niklas Kvarforth!!

Price €28.00

God's Funeral / Bocc (LP)

Catatonic doom and death doom in a split that won’t take long to sell out. All in Catalan, a land that doesn’t stop releasing great and dismal material. A fuckin’ must!

Price €15.00

Bocc - La Forja dels Cranis (LP)

Bocc’s abominable machinery won’t let up. “La Forja dels Cranis” is three new songs, plus their cover of ‘Black Visions’ from Purtenance. An EP, all right, but about 30 minutes long! Like an unstoppable pachyderm, their death doom sung in Catalan continues its pestilent, decadent and, above all, destructive march.

12” LP + insert.

Price €15.00

Necrot - The Labyrinth (LP)

The first three Necrot demos altogether LP. The missing piece in the collection of any real fan of the Oakland band.

Limited color vinyl, download card included.

Price €20.50

Barbarian Swords - Fetid (LP)

Fifth album by the Catalan entity. A dismal and atmospheric monolith of incalculable darkness and negativity. A return to their initial black doom to deliver what for many is already their best work.

Black vinyl + insert.

Price €15.00

Celtic Frost - Procreation of the Wicked...

The title of this LP couldn’t be clearer and more forceful. The pioneers of extreme metal in their rehearsal room, in the distant year 84, playing anthems like ‘Morbid Tales’ or ‘Dethroned Emperor’... Can anyone really resist this?

Price €20.50

Possessed - Rare Demos 1984-1992 (LP)

There is always a lot of talk about Death, and very little about Possessed... Who the fuck released the demo “Death Metal” in 1984!? Compilation of demos, precisely from ‘84 to 1992. Aaaarghhh!! Foundational noise.

Price €18.50

Bolt Thrower - The Peel Sessions 1988-90 (LP)

Another LP title that leaves little to the imagination. What for many is the best death metal band ever to have existed in Europe visiting John Peel on the BBC. A document for posterity with a long list of immortal songs.

Price €18.50