Sekhmet - Spiritual Eclipse (LP)

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Fifth album by this veteran black metal band. Misanthropy and Satanism from the Czech Republic. No bullshit, as the classic canons dictate.

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Sheidim - Shrines of the Void (LP)

Thunderous debut by this Catalan band full of illustrious people from the local scene. With members and ex-members of Graveyard, Cruciamentum, Ered, Vidres a la Sang, Lux Divina, Atonement, Morbid Flesh... A black metal cyclone in which each new song is better than the last. Ultra recommended!!

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Terdor - De Goddeloze Tolgaarder (LP)

Fourth album with only two long and intricate songs. With “De Goddeloze Tolgaarder” Terdor culminate their transformation into an avant-garde and progressive black metal band, although their sound and spirit is still totally linked to raw black. A dark, heartbreaking, and treacherous opus, just like their cover.

Limited to 200 copies. 175gr 12” vinyl + insert.

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Deviltook - Heretic Manifesto (LP)

As a band, Deviltook only deliver raw songs, which totally flee from overproduction, and which in essence drink from classics of the second wave of black metal, from Norwegian bands like Carpathian Forest, Darkthrone, or Gorgoroth. With members from Mixomatosis, Aposento, Bizarre, Cult Of Self Destruction, Irredemption, Pro Septico, Itnuveth… Second album!

Gatefold LP.

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Grievance - Em Lucefécit (LP)

Third album by the Portuguese, where they transcend the Nordic tradition of Darkthrone or Burzum to reach a revealing and liberating state of mind. Much more than reiteration and devotion to the Ancient Gods!!

Includes A4 offset size with lyrics + A3 poster.

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