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Fierce Cult - Where Humanity Ends (Digipack CD)

After their first years as The Seed, Fierce Cult debuts with “Where Humanity Ends”, 50 minutes of massive, pissed-off metal from Madrid. Death thrash with a lot of groove that gives no respite. Only when you are unconscious on the floor will they stop beating you.

Price €10.00

Simón Del Desierto - Purgatory (CD)

“Purgatory” is Simón Del Desierto’s second EP, but its length goes beyond 23 minutes. From Madrid and featuring Gustavo from Arropiero, Cuerno or Lords Of Bukkake on the mic, the band unravels high-grade doom metal in the style of Revelation, Penance, or Pentagram. A guaranteed kick on the teeth.

Price €5.30

Necrophile - Awakening Those Oppressed (CD)

First album by this legendary Japanese undergound band! In 2017, 30 years after their foundation, Necrophile hit us with these 10 tracks of abrasive death metal and thrash. Transgressor, Anatomia, Wormridden, or Multiplex are some of the other bands these animals are part of. A criminal work!!

Price €7.50

Sacroscum - Drugs & Death (CD)

“Drugs & Death”, of course! With their first album, Sacroscum perfectly define the spirit of Eternal Juggernaut Records. Black crust from Germany, with members of Fleshcrawl, Nekrovault... A rotten duo that can remind us as much of Discharge as of Darkthrone or Inquisition. Aaaargh!!

Price €7.50

Indoctrinate - Antilogos: Arcane Transmutation...

First album by this Chilean band after changing their name. Formerly known as Sadistik Goathammer, Indoctrinate practice a cruel and overwhelming black death that simply runs you over. Ecstasy and antediluvian violence in a concept album focused on arcane religions, with the unmistakable flavour of South American extreme metal.

Price €8.00

Miasmal Sabbath - Ominous Radiance (CD)

Crunchy and smelly amalgam between death metal and punk for fans of Tribulation, Morbus Chron, or Obliteration. An excellent first album, topped off by a sensational artwork that honours these great songs. The Greek underground never disappoints!

Price €7.50

Horripilant - Embrace the Obsession (CD)

Evil death metal absolutely inspired by the earliest instances of the style. Horripilant’s first EP really reminds of Possessed, Sadistic Intent, first Sepultura and Morbid Angel... These Valencians know very well what they are doing, moving between the 80s and early 90s, but not beyond. Good choice, dudes!!

Price €6.50

Shamael - Melancholie der Engel (CD)

“Melancholie der Engel” is like being thrown into an abyss of revelatory ascent, like being cruelly abandoned on a stage of immense universal solitude. Fuck yes, Shamael’s first album is like a long, feverish nightmare from which you cannot wake up. This fascinating one-man band invokes a devastating, and atmospheric, funeral doom on a par with the best names of the style.

Price €8.00

Graveyard Of Souls - Infinity Equal Zero (CD)

The prolific duo exhibits a new identity while traversing death doom territories that will be very recognizable to any of their followers. On their seventh work, Graveyard Of Souls continue their philosophical journey between melodic and skillfully ornamented songs, being able to convey as much light as darkness to anyone who approaches their dilated sonic canvases. An old school album for old school fans, absolutely recommended if you love Paradise Lost, Tiamat, Crematory, or Alastis.

Price €8.00

Cabeza De Caballo - Dölmenn (CD)

“Dölmenn” is the second, heavyweight, and super brute album by Cabeza De Caballo. Heavy rock and stoner doom made by cavemen who occasionally get high and even blast-beat. Instead of instruments, they use bones. Dear paleontologists, the missing link of humanity is in Granada.

Price €7.50

Cuerno - Rec Comtal (CD)

It’s a pity that Cuerno split up shortly after releasing this first album. With members of Lords Of Bukkake, Simón Del Desierto, Morbid Flesh, La Matanza, or Tort, the Barcelona band coat these songs here at a snail’s pace with a mantle of sadness and melancholy, sometimes in a more classical way and sometimes travelling to other planets in a joint-fueled astral trip. Doom and sludge that doesn’t try to choke you, with contemplative lapses, and with Michel in God mode on drums.

Price €5.30

Asgaroth - Absence Spells Beyond (CD)

Do you remember this cover? There is only one word that can define what “Absence Spells Beyond” meant in the Spanish black metal scene in general and the symphonic one in particular: mythic. Reissue on CD with “Absence Spells Beyond...” and their first album “Trapped in the Depths of Eve...” as bonus. Dimmu Borgir were from Barcelona?! Wonderful.

Price €7.50

Ouija - Selenophile Impia (CD)

Ouija always come back, just as cold, just as classic, and even if they polish their sound a bit, just as good. Pure Swedish nineties sound in this EP as recommendable as their entire discography. Black metal as a way of life. Aragonese wolves in search of fresh meat.

Price €7.00

Itnuveth - Enuma Elish (CD)

Fifth album by this pagan black army with several veterans from bands like Deviltook, Svipdagr, Famishgod or Dis Gob. “Enuma Elish” will take you to that world we long for, the one where steel rules, there are badass monstrosities and disputes end with severed heads.

Price €5.30

Chains Ov Beleth - Christeos Chaos (CD)

Second album by Chains Ov Beleth, project of the musician Heolstor before he renamed the band Mystagos. Here the Madrilenian presents us with an avant-garde and very personal black metal totally recommended for anyone fascinated by Satyricon’s “Rebel Extravaganza”. This guy never fails.

Price €5.30