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Immortal - Pure Holocaust (CD)

Second, and for many, the best album of the Scandinavian legend. This is fucking Norwegian black metal. Bloody, cold, menacing, distant, perverse, and Abbath spitting some of the most chilling vocals ever recorded. Perfection, simply perfection.

Price €10.50

Immortal - Battles in the North (CD)

Undisputed pillar of Norwegian black metal. Total war. An everlasting classic with one of the most rotten voices we have ever heard. A cruel demonstration of vileness and power never surpassed.

Price €10.50

Immortal - At the Heart of Winter (CD)

What a pain in the ass is Peter Tägtgren’s sound... Did you hear those riffs you guys!? This is fucking epic in music. Whatever they say, another colossal Immortal album. Different, maybe yes, but also huge. Fans to death of this record!

Price €10.50

Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle (CD)

A contemporary classic of epic black metal. An atmospheric cult opus with Shield Anvil from Visigoth. You know the exact great album we are talking about... We can’t be more excited are about this material… If you love Summoning, you will love this record!

Price €11.50

Darkened Nocturn Slaughtercult - Hora Nocturna...

The nightmare continues, Onielar won’t stop terrorizing you at night. Orthodox, fast, and cruel black metal, and so on until Doomsday. A ritual that intends to leave as many victims as possible along the way. They’re coming for your head!

Price €10.50

Mütiilation - Remains of a Ruined, Dead, Cursed...

Second album by Mütiilation, and a milestone for Les Légions Noires. Dark and noisy beyond human comprehension. Regurgitated from the most honest, anti-commercial, and suicidal underground. Depressing, like a poisoned knife slicing your femoral vein.

Price €10.50

Mütiilation - Destroy Your Life for Satan (CD)

The legendary demo from 2001 only available in a 100 copies cassette edition, finally on CD. Meyhna’ch in its purest form, with sadistic songs dragged in from here and there, and the cover of Venom’s ‘Possessed’. Brutal stuff!!

Price €8.50