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Decapitated Christ - Glorious Tyrannizing of...

The headless Nazarene returns nine years later, and with what an album! Crunchy and destructive, blasphemous death metal only for authentic gladiators of the most hermetic old school. One of the great moments of 2023! For fans of Deicide, Aeon, or Vital Remains.

Price €10.50

Besatt - Nine Sins (CD)

Ninth album by the incombustible Polish band, one of the great bastions of underground black metal in their country. “Nine Sins” generated mixed opinions, but we’re sure that their approach to fast-paced blackened death will end up slitting your throat.

Price €6.50

Besatt - Impia Symphonia (CD)

EP from 2015, in between the albums “Nine Sins” and “Anticross”. Three decades later and the band is still on form, transgressive as ever. EP, yes, but over half an hour long!

Price €5.75

Briargh - Autóctono (Digipack CD)

An excellent sample of Celtic pagan black from the lush forests of Cantabria. With two decades of experience behind them, Briargh and their fourth album are exemplary in terms of spirituality and mysticism.

Price €8.00

Eerie - The Delirium of the Believers (CD)

Second war against Christianity of this one-man band totally focused on reminiscing the cold and glorious decade of the 90s, the Swedish blackened death, or classic melodic black! For fans of early Dark Funeral, Sacramentum, Unanimated, Necrophobic, or Vinterland.

Price €8.00

Visions - Visions (CD)

Crushing debut album from Madrid! Black death without compassion. This band is now called Sota De Bastos. This work deserved much better luck. War for war!!

Price €5.50

Ordalie - Mass of Perdition (CD)

From the members of Aldaaron comes a darker more brutal black metal beast. This was originally envisioned as a demo that was to be released by Engulfed In Darkness however the label folded before it could be realized, and over time this became a full-length instead. There are elements of ambience and darkness that will help you escape this mortal coil. An empty cold feeling is projected. At one moment they crush your skull with some of the fastest blasting ever heard, once again delivered by Morkk with the distinct rasp of Ioldar tearing through the atmosphere while others they take you to a heaver darker place. Killer riffs, some chanted vocals, surround the dark void they create, and you can drift away as you choose.

Price €10.00

Grievance - Nos Olhos da Coruja (Digipack CD)

Old school black metal for true devotees of the real and evil sound. This project is from Portugal, but it could easily come from Norway. Fourth album, and boy, can you tell it’s a veteran!

6 panel digipack limited to 200 copies.

Price €10.00

Sattyg - Legends Part I (Digipack CD)

Swedish dungeon synth kind of based on “The Fellowship of the Ring”! First album, with which you will believe you are fighting orcs from snowy peaks.

Originally released in 2019 but now reissued in digipack. This reissue includes 3 bonus tracks recorded exclusively and only available on the physical format. Limited to 100 copies.

Price €10.00