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Blasphemy - Gods of War (CD)

Second album by the undisputed masters of war metal. An authentic sonic holocaust for your ears and brain. This is the sound of historic bestial black metal. Reigning since 1993.

Price €10.50

Blasphemy - Blood Upon the Altar (CD)

Blasphemy’s legendary first demo from 1989, with the 2018 demo called “Blood upon the Soundspace” as a bonus. This transcends musical brutality to become myth. Hail, gods of war!

Price €10.50

Tribulation - The Horror (CD)

Before the always brilliant Tribulation started their transformation towards gothic, they were a fucking great death metal band. Very personal, where you could already clearly sense those traces of genius. “The Horror” is a fascinating first album, and very hard to find.

Price €11.00

HEX - Behold the Unlighted (Digipack CD)

Decay, darkness, melancholic beauty, but with power and might as well. Where light cannot reach, HEX dwell, rejoicing in the shadows of the blackness achieved on “Behold the Unlighted”. From early Paradise Lost to Bolt Thrower, this EP is a death doom lesson through three titanic songs.

Price €5.30

Nocturnal Hollow - Triumphantly Evil (CD)

Sixth album by Nocturnal Hollow, out in February 2021. The Venezuelans are still heavily influenced by Infestdead, Dismember, or Grave, but with a deep sound takes them to a new level of malevolence. Huge band.

Price €7.50

Avernal - Tzompantli (CD)

Ripping storm of South American death metal in the vein of Krisiun, with great twists near to Entombed or Gorefest. Honest and furious material.

Price €7.50