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Velka - Purgatori Ignis Iudicium (CD)

Super fast and, at the same time, melodic black metal from Basque Country. Early Dark Funeral, Marduk, but really violent!! As if an ancient forest was taking its revenge on this filthy humanity.

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Dilaghran - Into Mirkwood's Pathways We Walk...

Raw and epic black metal with dungeon synth from Andorra, focused on Tolkien’s universe and obviously inspired by Summoning. Let yourself be shaken up by the icy peaks of the Pyrenees.

Very limited to only 50 copies in digipack CdR.

Price €6.00

Burgûli - Ombres (CdR)

First album by this Catalan one-man band that tries to recover the old anger, blasphemy, and misanthropy in black metal. Raw, lo-fi, reiterative, even hypnotic. Highly recommended for those obsessed with Burzum’s early works.


Price €6.00

Burgûli - Runes (CdR)

Kondea Gorthaur continues to explore the confines of the most primitive and lacerating raw black metal in this EP. Deep laments that scratch your soul with violence, without subterfuge.


Price €6.00

Burgûli - Abans que ens Engoleixi la Llum...

Fifth demo of this unholy one-man band of treacherous and dangerous raw black. Highly basic, alternating Catalan and Spanish, and even recovering once again instruments from their homeland. Kondea Gorthaur is an avowed enemy of commerciality and today’s accommodated black metal.

Limited digipack CdR + A3 poster.

Price €6.00

Ósserp - Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la...

Ósserp, the overwhelming beast of Catalan death grind, return with "Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la", their third studio album. Once again we find ourselves in front of a monster with its own entity, hard to classify, that starts from death grind, yes, but that also presents industrial lapses, remnants of classic American death, or harmonies and atmospheres typical of black metal.
This indomitable, violent, and implacable vermin reaches sonic perfection thanks to a meticulous recording by Aleix Archs and a mastering by Arthur Rizk.
"Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la" will swallow you up until you feel small and inappreciable, like a tiny dot lost in the cosmos, and when tracks like ‘La Rèmora’ explode, your guts will be scattered like in that longed-for starry sky that has been forbidden to us.

Price €10.00

Caladan Brood - Echoes of Battle (CD)

A contemporary classic of epic black metal. An atmospheric cult opus with Shield Anvil from Visigoth. You know the exact great album we are talking about... We can’t be more excited are about this material… If you love Summoning, you will love this record!

Price €11.50

Mütiilation - Destroy Your Life for Satan (CD)

The legendary demo from 2001 only available in a 100 copies cassette edition, finally on CD. Meyhna’ch in its purest form, with sadistic songs dragged in from here and there, and the cover of Venom’s ‘Possessed’. Brutal stuff!!

Price €8.50

Barbarian Swords - Crusaders of the Apocalypse...

Barbarian Swords’ first demo re-released ten years after in double CD digipack format with six extra, unreleased, and purulent tracks, and a never-before-released live set from 2014. Depraved sound, sodomite black doom metal. Hallucinogenic shit for the most loyal and sickest soldiers!

Price €12.00

Blasphemy - Gods of War (CD)

Second album by the undisputed masters of war metal. An authentic sonic holocaust for your ears and brain. This is the sound of historic bestial black metal. Reigning since 1993.

Price €10.50

Tribulation - The Horror (CD)

Before the always brilliant Tribulation started their transformation towards gothic, they were a fucking great death metal band. Very personal, where you could already clearly sense those traces of genius. “The Horror” is a fascinating first album, and very hard to find.

Price €11.00