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AC/DC - Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap (LP)

Third album by the legendary Australian band with their original cover, not the international one, first released in Australia and New Zealand on September the 20th 1976 and including the track ‘R.I.P. (Rock in Peace)’. Pretty cool, huh?

Price €18.50

Rotting Christ - Promo 1995 (LP)

Rare material from the legendary Greek band on a gatefold splatter 12” vinyl. A must have MLP for any diehard Rotting Christ fan to complete their collection. A journey to their early days, and the cover artwork is fantastic!!

Price €18.50

Limbonic Art - Moon in the Scorpio (2LP)

“Moon in the Scorpio”... Aaarghh!! One of the best symphonic black metal albums of all time. Depending on who you ask, probably the best. Amazing first opus from the Norwegian band released in 1996. They could never match that greatness.

Awesome 2LP gatefold, green vinyl.

Price €21.50

Balmog - Eve (LP)

The brilliant Galician band expands their mind to never imagined limits, mixing their abrasive black metal and death with post punk, classic heavy metal, psych rock... And all of it perfectly assembled, without any snobbish non-sense or an avant-garde or experimental botch-up. “Eve” is a marvel! The time has come for you to experience true horror.

Black vinyl. Includes 16 pages booklet, A2 size poster and A5 size postcard.

Price €18.50

Lord Belial - Kiss the Goat (LP)

Lord Belial’s debut album on gatefold LP. What more can be added? Magnificent piece of history, Swedish black in its purest expression invoked in 1995. An occasion that doesn’t come along every day.

Price €19.50

Lord Belial - Unholy Crusade (LP)

Third and also masterful album from these Swedish black classics. “Enter the Moonlight Gate” always gets the headlines, but as any fan knows, “Unholy Crusade” is another extraordinary work.

Gatefold LP, blue vinyl.

Price €19.50

Palus Somni - Monarch of Dark Matter (LP)

From UK and USA, Stroda (Decoherence) and Eoghan (Akhlys, Aoratos) join forces to annihilate us with a dissonant and transcendental supernova accompanied by the spectral presence of Imber on vocals. A raw, atmospheric, and oppressive debut framed in cosmic mysticism. A resounding black metal masterpiece from beginning to end.

Price €14.50

Nirnaeth - Nirnaeth Arnoediad (LP)

This historic monument of dungeon synth, dark wave, and neoclassical symphony finally on transparent blue LP. More than two decades after, escape from this frivolous, superficial, and infected reality through this Polish one-man band. Like performing an astral projection, like travelling to Tolkien’s literary universe.

Price €13.50

Atman - No Recordaren a la Mort (LP)

Founded in 1992 by former members of Mortal Mutilation, Empty, Akerbeltz, Amnion, or Argar, Atman is one of the most respected, underground and old black metal bands in Catalonia and Spain. Fifth album, and six odes to pain, loneliness, and melancholy. As always, ultra recommended.

Price €10.50

Black Altar - Death Fanaticism (LP)

“Death Fanaticism”… Just the title is enough to get us excited. A psychotic, brutal, cosmic, and dissonant expression of black metal uniquely designed to take you six feet under. This is your demise!

Gategold LP limited to 500 copies.

Price €12.50

Ewïg Frost - Aïn't no Saïnt (LP)

Rock’n’roll, heavy metal, speed, and ethylic punk, all in one, just for miscarried sheep. You’ve got nothing to do with your family, your damn grey job, and you’re sick of living? Well, get drunk to the rhythm of these animals from Vienna! Fourth album and the same cheek. You rascals!

Limited to 300 copies. Poster + digital download.

Price €15.50

Chronic Decay - Ecstasy in Pain (7")

Reissue of Chronic Decay’s first EP, released back in 1990. Anything else to add? Cut the crap: you know you need this old school shit. The cover is the truest of the trues, just like the fuckin’ content. Sweden rules!!

Price €7.50

Soulburn - Carpe Noctem (7")

Grand Supreme Blood Court, Bunkur, Legion Of The Damned... Tremendous curriculum by these gentlemen, and that’s without forgetting their consanguinity with Asphyx for some years. Every fan must have this material, because Soulburn don’t fail. Among the royalty of the Netherlands.

Price €8.50

Reincarnation - Void (LP, Red Vinyl)

Fuck yes! Vinyl re-release of this classic of the Andalusian extreme metal. Reincarnation’s “Void” is a museum piece, truly outstanding work belonging to one of the first brutal death metal bands in Spain. Complete your studies with this amazing album, very few copies!

24th anniversary edition. Transparent red vinyl limited to 66 copies. Gatefold LP + poster.

Price €12.50

Irredemption - Eternal Mutilation of Saturn (LP)

15 years after their first album, second opus by this classic death metal band from Albacete. Active since 1996, Irredemption don’t mess around with bullshit and they prove it in this work. If beer and depravity are all you ask from life, this is your moment.

Price €10.50

Exsanguination Entrails - Apocalyptic Desires (LP)

From the cover itself, an abominable work of uncompromising brutal death. We love this album! It crushes you, mistreats you, shakes you, makes you feel like real scum. Lethal and underground sound, no fucking unreal super productions!! A butchery from start to finish.

12" black vinyl.

Price €12.50