Morbific - Squirm Beyond the Mortal Realm (CD)

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Noisy and sweaty death metal with the unmistakable stench of Finland. Rotten and musty second album. Morbific are already a cult band.


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Twisted death metal with really malicious intent. This has emerged from a dungeon in which too many people have perished. What a first album from the Irish, what a first album... Wicked and coated in a really special production.

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Cruz are back with a second album “that still smells of Lovecraft, saltpeter and rottenness”, as they themselves assure. After recording and mixing with master Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, and calling on Cruciamentum’s Dan Lowndes at his Resonance Sound Studio for the master, the Barcelonese prove to still be faithful to the old school Swedish death and the BOSS HM-2 pedal, no doubt about it. But with new members like Simone on bass and Narcís as vocalist, and Michele switching from singing to playing guitar, they also let loose some other more personal drives and influences, not to mention how elaborated these songs are.

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