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Whirlwind - 1714 (CD)

Excellent first concept album by Whirlwind focused on the siege and subsequent fall of Barcelona at the hands of the Bourbon troops. With Mark Wild from Körgull The Exterminator as main songwriter, here you will only find classic heavy metal, very inspired by 80’s Germany, with the glorious Running Wild as main influence, and even some great nods to early Helloween.

Price €9.00

Khmer - Larga Sombra (CD)

First album from this revered blackened crust band. They have something special, there’s no denying it, and their international experience and musical variety attests to that.

Price €5.30

White Mare - Isle of Bliss (CD)

This debut, packed with hypnotic piano melodies, funereal riffs, and desperate cries, is inspired by Homer’s “Odyssey”, and ‘tragic’ and ‘epic’ are the most suitable words to describe this melodic death doom opus. Tormented souls who follow Saturnus, Doom:VS, and My Dying Bride closely will certainly feel at home among the long mythological wails of White Mare.

Price €8.00

Ophidian Memory - The Stag (CD)

From USA, Blake Lamoureux debuts with this work of melodic death metal playing all the instruments. Sharpened, heavy, dark, and fast, there are many moments of brilliance.

Price €8.00

Rebel Souls - The Forces of Darkness (CD)

Crushing debut album of this German-Spanish band that plays an uncompromising death metal heavily influenced by Hate Eternal, Bloodbath, Suffocation, Krisiun, Hour Of Penance… Their principles are not for sale!

Price €6.50