Dying Fetus - Killing on Adrenaline (CD)

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Second album by the unbeatable masters of the most demolishing brutal death. Re-released by Base Record!! The usual impossible slaughter.

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Human Carnage - Ancient Covenant of Obscenity (CD)

A fierce and tumultuous exercise of technical and mysterious brutal death. Dude, did you hear that fuckin’ bass?! These guys know how to play, and they put their technique at the service of the song, not the other way around. They don’t fuck with you, they’re just fuckin’ masters. It was worth the wait. A scandal of a second album. A violent tornado with a very careful production.

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Exsanguination Entrails - Apocalyptic Desires (CD)

From the cover itself, an abominable work of uncompromising brutal death. We love this album! It crushes you, mistreats you, shakes you, makes you feel like real scum. Lethal and underground sound, no fucking unreal super productions!! A butchery from start to finish.

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Reincarnation - Void (LP, Red Vinyl)

Fuck yes! Vinyl re-release of this classic of the Andalusian extreme metal. Reincarnation’s “Void” is a museum piece, truly outstanding work belonging to one of the first brutal death metal bands in Spain. Complete your studies with this amazing album, very few copies!

24th anniversary edition. Transparent red vinyl limited to 66 copies. Gatefold LP + poster.

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