Enochian Crescent - Telocvovim (CD)

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Thuggish, punk, and surely already an underground classic. With the first cut you might think your player has broken down or that you’re listening to an Impaled Nazarene demo. After, the album is melodic, crazy, experimental, symphonic... simply raw and awesome. Finnish black metal in 1997, with all that it entails.


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If Impaled Nazarene’s first opus didn’t make everyone agree, “Ugra-Karma” was unanimously acclaimed. A beastly, cruel and absolutely destructive second album. Another great classic for the Finns!

Gatefold 180-220 gr LP, black vinyl.

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Funeris Nocturnum - Slay and Burn (CD)

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Enochian Crescent - Nef.vi.lim (Digipack CD)

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