Akerbeltz - Infernuko Erreka (CD)

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Fifth work of Aberbeltz... The war against everything sacred continues! Bastion of the purest black metal, another sonic and anti-Christian murder.


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First album of this veteran Basque black metal band in the Scandinavian 90’s style. The fog, the cold, and the dampness arm these songs that will pierce you like an ice floe. Like visiting the forests of that beautiful and magical land.

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Akerbeltz - Satànic (CD)

Probably our favourite black metal album ever created in Spain. In 2017 Akerbeltz outdid themselves with Satànic, a record of true black metal in which it is possible to feel the presence of the Evil. It is impossible to sound more classic and present more devout songs than these. This is what black is all about. Their sixth album is a perfect definition of what the style should sound like.

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Akerbeltz - Demonology I (8")

Super rare and special EP, limited to 30 copies, to celebrate the 15th anniversary of the cult label Negra Nit. A piece of which there are very few left in the world... 8" moreover!

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