Graveyard - ...For Thine is the Darkness (CD)

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Graveyard’s third album and their big punch on the table. Full of intros and Middle East sounding interludes, the band tortures us with their Lovecraftian blackness to prove that there is life behind the Boss HM-2 pedal. A necessary and celebrated surprise. The most groundbreaking album of their career.

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Graveyard - Hold Back the Dawn (CD)

Fantastic fourth album by Graveyard, in which they show what they are capable of as musicians. Very interesting twists in their death metal to deliver a work acclaimed by all. Truly surprising and equally morbid.

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Graveyard - Back to the Mausoleum (CD)

Nothing like going back to the beginnings to celebrate ten years of a band. Graveyard get brutally drunk to give birth to an ethylic death metal in old-school fashion, although some of their evolution can also be seen in this EP. Amazing work by Matt ‘Putrid’ Carr on the cover artwork.

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Graveyard - One with the Dead (CD)

Graveyard debuted with an opus that would sooner or later become a classic. Acclaimed since its release, “One with the Dead” immediately put the band on the map, and gave way to their continuous appearances on European stages. A brilliant first and strong step for a band destined to deliver great moments of pure necrotic death metal.

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Graveyard - Into the Mausoleum (LP)

Remix and ‘improvement’ of Graveyard’s first demo, now as an EP and on vinyl. Evidently, a super rare piece that you will surely only find on Eternal Juggernaut Records. Great songs of rotten and corrupted death metal that have accompanied them throughout their career.

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