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Nuclear Revenge - Let the Tyrants Rise (CD)

What a great work! With their first album Nuclear Revenge dazzled every fan of early Slayer, Kreator or Sodom, of Desaster, Deströyer 666 or Aura Noir. This is a fierce black thrash attack! These young Basques have everything it takes to remind us of all the old stuff that we love. Roaaaarrrr!!

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ReDimoni - On the Brink of Existence (Digipack CD)

The historic Catalan thrashers ReDimoni are back nine years after their last album and seven years after their split with Graveyard. What are we going to find in this EP? The same as always! Speed, stabs in the back, beer, shrapnel, savagery. This five-song EP released in digipack CD format will give you a good kick in the ass. That's what you need, isn't it? Desperta ferro!!! Old school as fuck!!

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Sentenced - Death Metal Orchestra from Finland...

Insane gatefold double white/blue vinyl with three demos of the best Sentenced released on tape ages ago: “When Death Join Us...” (1990), “Rotting Ways to Misery” (1991), and “Journey to Pohjola” (1992). A luxurious edition only suitable for fans of authentic Finnish death metal. A material to lose your fuckin’ mind to!!

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Asgaroth - Absence Spells Beyond (CD)

Do you remember this cover? There is only one word that can define what “Absence Spells Beyond” meant in the Spanish black metal scene in general and the symphonic one in particular: mythic. Reissue on CD with “Absence Spells Beyond...” and their first album “Trapped in the Depths of Eve...” as bonus. Dimmu Borgir were from Barcelona?! Wonderful.

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Rotting Christ - Promo 1995 (LP)

Rare material from the legendary Greek band on a gatefold splatter 12” vinyl. A must have MLP for any diehard Rotting Christ fan to complete their collection. A journey to their early days, and the cover artwork is fantastic!!

Price €18.50

Rotting Christ - Non Serviam (Tape)

What’s better than Rotting Christ’s “Non Serviam”? Fuck yes, exactly: “Non Serviam” on cassette. We don’t know if we like this album more than “Thy Mighty Contract”, but having it on tape is like travelling back to 1994 altogether. Absolute masterpiece of the unique and inimitable Hellenic Black Metal.

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Tort - II (CD)

The entry of Xavier Álvarez as the band’s singer, as well as Jordi Boluda as the second guitarist, was very noticeable in this second album. They add a strong death metal vein to their usual doom sludge, resulting in a suffocating album that is a very serious step in the trajectory of the Catalans. Corpses, mould, decrepitude. Tort have a grave prepared for you.

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