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Ósserp - Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la...

Ósserp, the overwhelming beast of Catalan death grind, return with "Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la", their third studio album. Once again we find ourselves in front of a monster with its own entity, hard to classify, that starts from death grind, yes, but that also presents industrial lapses, remnants of classic American death, or harmonies and atmospheres typical of black metal.
This indomitable, violent, and implacable vermin reaches sonic perfection thanks to a meticulous recording by Aleix Archs and a mastering by Arthur Rizk.
"Els Nous Cants de la Sibil·la" will swallow you up until you feel small and inappreciable, like a tiny dot lost in the cosmos, and when tracks like ‘La Rèmora’ explode, your guts will be scattered like in that longed-for starry sky that has been forbidden to us.

Price €10.00

Barbarian Swords - Anti-Dogma Megaforce...

The sick rage against humanity is back, full of irrepressible hatred and the most exacerbated nihilism. Barbarian Swords destroy our speakers once again with “Anti-Dogma Megaforce”!

These abominable misanthropes publish their fourth album, an attack against all known dogma or religion! An opus that can be absolutely violent, fast and devastating, for which they have once again counted on Javi Félez at Moontower Studios, and with an impressive cover artwork by maestro Chris Moyen.

Demonic blast-beats. Lyrics about gigantic piles of corpses. Immorality, deicides, mass murders… With “Anti-Dogma Megaforce” as their greatest weapon, Barbarian Swords will not rest until they see the planet burn, until there is not a single living being left on Earth.

Price €10.50

Melangia - Rèquiem (Digipack CD)

Originally written by Mortal Mutilation in 1994, Rèquiem is a death doom lost jewel played by members of Argar, Foscor, Atman, Spectre... An authentic journey through the best times of the style!
Price €6.50

Vidres A La Sang - Fragments de l'Esdevenir...

“Fragments De L'Esdevenir” is Vidres A La Sang in all its splendor, with the kind of composition only the institution of Catalan extreme metal can offer, full of black, death, and again resorting only to gutturals. Five new songs where the most plain passages are dark, deep, and devastating, and the complex ones, more intricate than ever before in their impeccable career.

12" ultraclear vinyl LP, limited edition.

Price €17.00