Enochian Crescent - Black Church (CD)

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Enochian Crescent’s journey continues with a third album that is black metal in essence, in its atmospheres, but with a rock palpitation. Symbolism, religion, but from their denial. This work is situated between classicism and avant-garde, being amply acclaimed.

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According to Woodcut Records, “The band celebrates a massive 20 years of being and releases four songs that fall into that period. The record is simply named XX!”. Easy to understand even for you, right? From Finland, noisy and bastard black metal for bloodthirsty, power-hungry soulless blasphemers. May Lucifer have them in his infinite glory. One more beer, please!!

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Enochian Crescent - Nef.vi.lim (Digipack CD)

Last album before becoming The Crescent, and here they continue enjoying a unique personality as a band. Their black is joined by melodic death, traditional heavy, sometimes with industrial atmospheres… It’s not easy to explain, you really need to listen to it. They always did what they wanted, and this opus is no different.

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Enochian Crescent - Telocvovim (CD)

Thuggish, punk, and surely already an underground classic. With the first cut you might think your player has broken down or that you’re listening to an Impaled Nazarene demo. After, the album is melodic, crazy, experimental, symphonic... simply raw and awesome. Finnish black metal in 1997, with all that it entails.

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