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Suspiral - Delve into the Mysteries of Transcendence (LP)

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Dark and desolate atmosphere with sinister, hypnotizing, and dissonant guitars. Black metal from Galicia, with all the quality that is presumed, by a duo forged from the fires of Sheidim, Krossfyre, or Bodybag.

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Apologoethia - Pillars (CD)

With members of Balmog, Graveyard, Körgull The Exterminator or Vidres A La Sang, Apologoethia is a mysterious black metal force that inquires the ancient and dark knowledge of humanity. “Pillars”, their first EP, immerses you in forbidden litanies and words that should never have been spoken. As always, Invictus Productions only invokes high quality sorceries. A truly macabre atmosphere.

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Qayin Regis - Doctrine (LP)

Tribute to death, occultism, and syncretism, in a truly shocking opus. Like making an offering to something very sinister and primordial. Qayin Regis knows perfectly well the secret ways to reach into forbidden powers. Fantastic album.

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Balmog - Vacvvm (LP)

The Galician demon never stops mutating, and here their black metal with death takes one of its most definitive steps. Third album by this indispensable band, which always offers new ways of expression without straying from the path of the occult.

Black vinyl. Includes psalms script + A2 size poster.

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Empty - Omnia Amet Lorem (Yellow vinyl, LP)

After almost three decades of existence, Empty re-emerge from the shadows with “Omnia Amet Lorem”, their sixth album. A powerful and pessimist death spell, not lacking in suggestive keyboards and majestic, extended, cursed, and fantastically driven songs.

12” yellow vinyl 150gr LP.

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