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Rotting Christ - Promo 1995 (LP)

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Rare material from the legendary Greek band on a gatefold splatter 12” vinyl. A must have MLP for any diehard Rotting Christ fan to complete their collection. A journey to their early days, and the cover artwork is fantastic!!

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Medieval Demon - Demonolatria (LP)

Indispensable in any Hellenic black metal collection. With its curious mix of primitive black and symphonic and orchestral pieces, "Demonolatria" is a recovered treasure that fans of early Rotting Christ, Varathron or Necromantia will appreciate very well. Regular jacket + insert, limited to 300 black copies. First time on vinyl and with alternative cover!

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Rotting Christ - Non Serviam (Tape)

What’s better than Rotting Christ’s “Non Serviam”? Fuck yes, exactly: “Non Serviam” on cassette. We don’t know if we like this album more than “Thy Mighty Contract”, but having it on tape is like travelling back to 1994 altogether. Absolute masterpiece of the unique and inimitable Hellenic Black Metal.

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