Chronic Decay - Ecstasy in Pain (7")

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Reissue of Chronic Decay’s first EP, released back in 1990. Anything else to add? Cut the crap: you know you need this old school shit. The cover is the truest of the trues, just like the fuckin’ content. Sweden rules!!


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For the first time on CD this super cult album from the most remote death metal of Spain. Originally only available on tape, the dark "From Far Beyond" was one of the first death metal albums released in their country. New artwork and layout by César Valladares, bio-interview inside, remastered... Poisoned candy for fans of Nihilist, early Morbid Angel, Death and Unleashed.

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Human Waste - Harvest Remnants (CD)

Compilation of three demos by Human Waste, one of the pioneer death metal bands in Catalonia and Spain. “So is Death” (1993), “Existential Nausea” (1992) and “The Miracle of Death” (1991) is material that every collector of the old and macabre must have. It abhors life and embraces death. With the kind of sound that really matters.

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Soulburn - Carpe Noctem (7")

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