Körgull The Exterminator - War of the Voivodes (CD)

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One of our favourite albums of all time. It’s as simple as that. War of the Voivodes is purely and simply what we ask of life. This unstoppable tank of iron, spikes, and steel is like a fucking storm that just tears through everything. Headbang until you pass out. Lilith Necrobitch is your undoing.


XM 088 CD
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Fourth album by the tyrants of black thrash. Underground heavy metal, Motörhead, savagery. Drunken animals without morals or ethics. Leather and studs orgy. Körgull The Exterminator are as authentic as it gets. Delicious release via Ván Records.

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Life made it hard for Körgull, but five years after “Reborn from the Ashes” these alcoholic hooligans spited in our faces their long awaited fifth album. Mangy, dirty, heavier and equally lethal, “Sharpen Your Spikes” will nail your head to a pillory. Riffs that are pure shrapnel, total fire at will in the form of black thrash, and when you hear ‘The Black Goat of the Woods’ or ‘Follow the Flame’, you won’t believe it. Buy this or die, bastard.

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