Graveyard - The Coffin Years (CD)

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A walk through all the material that Graveyard were storing up between 2007 and 2014 in terms of splits, re-recordings, or live shows. The booklet is sick, with all the hilarious stories that accompany many of these songs. In addition to their brutal tracks, there are covers of Motörhead, Celtic Frost, Carcass, Sodom, Darkthrone, Bolt Thrower... Very entertaining!!

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Graveyard - One with the Dead (LP)

Graveyard debuted with an opus that would sooner or later become a classic. Acclaimed since its release, “One With the Dead” immediately put the band on the map, and gave way to their continuous appearances on European stages. A brilliant first and strong step for a band destined to deliver great moments of pure necrotic death metal.

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