Bolt Thrower - War Master (LP)

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Aaaargh!! Bolt Thrower at full power in this everlasting opus from 1991. Perfection, mastery, the ultimate. Will you die by the sword?!

Full dynamic range pressed from original tapes. Gatefold LP, black vinyl.

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Grim and smelly debut of this decadent Catalan band. While considering suicide, Proscrito spits us macabre adoration odes towards Cianide, Hellhammer, Celtic Frost, Necro Schizma, Asphyx, Autopsy, Paradise Lost, Winter... Morbidity and vice in a great first album.

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HEX - Behold the Unlighted (Digipack CD)

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Bolt Thrower - ...For Victory (LP)

Fifth work from the crushing war machine from Coventry. Another classic, another demonstration of immeasurable power. They were unbeatable.

Full dynamic range pressed from original tapes. 180-220 gr black vinyl.

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Black vinyl LP.

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