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Jade - Smoking Mirror (LP)

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First EP of this international band based between Germany and Catalonia. One clue... In their ranks there is an important member of Foscor. Lying amidst the earlier death doom and ethereal black, the result is an atmospheric death that pays tribute to most obscure timeless metal. 100% recommended.

Limited to 100 copies half transparent green and transparent red LP. Includes insert with lyrics.


ASH 165 EP
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Dark and terrifying debut of this British band. This 2015 album put Cruciamentum straight on the frontlines of European death metal. A twisted ball that turns everything black. Re-press on clear vinyl!!

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Mangled Torsos - Drawings of the Dead (CD)

Reissue of this 1994 German underground classic with “Anatomia Reformata” EP as bonus tracks. As Memento Mori explains, “Thick, gruesome death metal with a distinctively bizarre, surreal and decadent atmosphere comprised of slow-to-mid paced passages and grinding overtones sublimated by some gargling, guttural vocals, like the impossible combination of early Pungent Stench, diSEMBOWELMENT, early Carcass and Demilich. The 12-page booklet features brand new artwork & layout by Patrick Wentz, the band’s drummer”. Cool, huh?

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Foscor - Els Sepulcres Blancs (LP, pink vinyl)

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Transparent pink vinyl strictly limited to 200 copies worldwide.

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