Ectoplasma - Inferna Kabbalah (CD)

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Primitive death metal, embedded in a delicious cover artwork by Mörtuus that directly makes you fall in love. Purulent and unpolished, with references to Autopsy, Baphomet, Asphyx, Morta Skuld, Grave, Demigod, or Gutted. Fourth album from these Greeks who are going from strength to strength. Join their crusade, fuck overproduction!!

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Apparition - Apparition (Digipack CD)

First demo with Moontower Studios’ seal of quality. Members from Ataraxy! On their own words, “Expect nothing but a slab of pure death metal in the best tradition!”. Crunchy stuff, motherfuckers!!

Digipack CD + download code.

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Coffincraft - In Eerie Slumber (CD)

First album by this band very indebted to the mid 90’s, with a special fixation for the Swedish sound. Dismember, Fleshcrawl, Entombed, Furbowl, Bolt Thrower, Grave, Morgoth, Vomitory... Crunchy, rotten. There is no such thing as a bad death metal band from Finland.

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Coffin Curse - Ceased to Be (CD)

Oh, Chile... How many amazing bands come out of there every day? After several years of underground militancy, Coffin Curse deliver their bastard first album, with crackling old school death metal and malignant death doom to throw up in your fuckin’ tombstone.

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Conjureth - Majestic Dissolve (CD)

Long awaited debut album of this US death metal band with members of Encoffination, VoidCeremony, or Ghoulgotha. A psychopathic imprecation that pays tribute to the first extreme bands of the 80’s, without forgetting the thrasher riffing. A mix and master by Javi Félez at Moontower Studios guarantees a sound as close as possible to that golden era. This excellent stuff will cut your balls off.

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