Foscor - Entrance to the Shadows' Village (CD)

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Foscor’s icy and dazzling first album. Pure black metal totally indebted to the 90’s. The 1st press is impossible to find today, we have the second edition released by Oaken Shield.

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Foscor - Groans to the Guilty (CD)

The culmination in the evolution of Foscor’s very particular brand of black metal. Intricate, dark and personal, “Groans to the Guilty” put the band on the lips of all followers of the style, being unanimously praised by the press and public. Welcome to their great nightmare.

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Foscor - The Smile of the Sad Ones (CD)

Foscor’s second opus, a work of absolute evil. The band started to experiment with vocals in their black metal, resulting in a lunatic album full of depressive, gloomy and psychotic moments. With this stuff Foscor began to earn a great name in the local underground scene.

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